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We at NIPPONPLY began our journey in the year 1994 with Mr Ketan Thakkar conceiving the idea of providing world-class plywood and veneers to the consumers. This was a journey not only to make superior quality plywood available but also to achieve excellence, provide value to the customers through the product and most importantly to give unparalleled service.


At its core, NIPPONPLY promotes the idea of “VALUE FOR MONEY” by offering excellent quality, durability, strength, and norms in its products line. Amplifying practicality and maximizing the advantages for the consumers by serving them in a contemporary and innovative fashion has been our belief. We also continue with our R&D efforts to add more value-based and innovative products to our portfolio.


The most important component to produce a good product is the raw material. NIPPONPLY gets you the best of the raw material handpicked from its origin. We see to it that the raw material that used is 100% natural and of superior quality.


NIPPONPLY has carefully chosen its manufacturing partners to manufacture on its behalf. These manufacturers are handily based at places where the good quality raw material is easily available locally.Adding to this is the latest technology of the manufacturers and the experience of NIPPONPLY, resulting in continuous innovation and superior quality of final product.


NIPPONPLY strongly believes in the idea of reciprocating. As our social responsibility, we give back to the society what we are gain from it. We do this by using our vast experience of 22 years to make best quality products available to our clients in a wide variety. Our products are valued based products and are priced accordingly. Our expertise in sourcing appropriate raw material and getting it manufactured by veterans who offer the best quality at the right price is our ways of providing our clients with long lasting “ VALUE FOR MONEY “.


We have relentlessly worked towards earning the immense goodwill that we have today for our brand and that’s our biggest asset. Our long-term relations with all our stakeholders are our prized possessions. Due to our thorough professionalism, NIPPONPLY has become an unprecedented choice of many architects, interior designers, and furniture manufacturers. They not only recommend our products but also use them personally, which speaks louder than a testimonial.


Our journey called NIPPONPLY is now taking a new turn. We are entering a new phase and this change is for the better. Nipponply will keep on innovating and improving its products to meet the changing needs.

Time will change, designs will change;
what will not change is our

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