About Us

We at NIPPONPLY began our journey in the year 1994 with Mr. Ketan Thakkar conceiving the idea of providing world class plywood and veneers to the consumers. This was a journey not only to make superior quality plywood available, but also to achieve excellence, provide value to the customers through the product and most importantly to give unparalleled service.

At its core, NIPPONPLY promotes the idea of “value for money” by offering excellent quality, durability, strength and norms in its products line. Amplifying practicality and maximizing the advantages for the consumers by serving them in a contemporary and innovative fashion has been our belief. We also continue with our R&D efforts to add more value based and innovative products to our portfolio.

What We Do


We use our experience and expertise to add strength to the product and make its life long lasting. All our products come with 7 years guarantee. We have carefully chosen its manufacturing partners to manufacture on its behalf. These manufacturers are handily based at places where good quality raw material is easily available locally.
Adding to this is the latest technology of the manufacturers and the experience of NIPPONPLY, resulting in continuous innovation and superior quality of final product.


We sweep you off your feet by offering a wide range of Plywood, Veneer, Flush Doors and Laminates that score high on style quotient. Keeping up with the latest trends and contemporary choices, our products are designed to live up to your sense of aesthetics, fashion and requirements in a timeless way. We provide unique designs and textures across our interior design solution range.


The most important component to produce a good product is the raw material. We get you the best of the raw material handpicked from its origin. We see to it that the raw material that’s used is 100% natural and of superior quality.

Time will change, designs will change;

what will not change is our


Our Philosophy

NIPPONPLY derives its name from the Japanese word “Nippon”, which means ‘the rising sun’ in Japanese language. Resonating with the symbolism of the rising sun – the provider of strength, power and life to all the species on earth, NIPPONPLY too makes the furniture sturdy and durable.

We believe in providing our consumer with the premium quality ply which is meant to become the core strength of their long lasting and stunning looking furniture.

Our belief in creating all things quality and enduring also gets translated in our long lasting relations with our stake holders. Our bonds with them are deep rooted, stable, ever growing and cherished.

Being Enviroment & Health Friendly

We, at NIPPONPLY, take our role in the industry not only seriously but also very responsibly. That’s why being eco-friendly has always topped our list of priorities. We proudly say that environment is our attitude. The products that we provide and the manufacturing process that we choose for it are environment friendly. We source our raw material from managed forests and the wood cut down is from mature trees. It is all completely recyclable.

NIPPONPLY is concerned not only about the natural environment but also about the quality of man-made environment. The latter is rapidly being polluted by using the substitutes for natural material. That’s why, we at Nipponply, do our bit against it by providing products which are made with minimal use of harmful chemicals. These products emit remarkably lesser fumes and thereby minimize the damage being done to human health.

Our Strenghths

Apart from the best manufacturers that we are associated with and our team of experts that source out the purest raw material, our major strength also lies in being flexible and making our product line, range, quality and specifications evolve with the changing times. Having started with just 4 products, we boast a catalogue of more than 20 products falling into various categories today. We make sure that we keep up with the changing trends but retain the standard of quality just as excellent.

Not just the product quality, but its availability too is of utmost importance to us. Our sophisticated distribution systems and infrastructure ensure our products’ availability at the right time and place. Huge warehousing facilities at various locations, fully computerized inventory and systems and well trained staff make it easy to deliver what we promise.

Mission & Vision

With having everything else in place and our brand achieving newer heights with each passing phase, NIPPONPLY aims at becoming one of the most sought after plywood companies in India. As we march towards becoming one of the top names in the country, we stand absolutely uncompromising on our core values all through it. Our commitment towards providing good quality, good service, reasonable price, maintaining long term relationships and being eco friendly remains just the same, and it grows even stronger from here.

Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Living Room

At Nipponply, we strive ceaselessly to develop advanced products through the passionate pursuit of technology and processes. Delivering products that perform admirably in various special applications is our forte. We improve upon processes to be able to bring the fruits of our innovation into the market, and to delight our customers and win their loyalty.